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CBD Sloth reviews our CBD wine

Rupert St Aubyn

Posted on January 06 2022

CBD Sloth reviews our CBD wine

Tom Bourlet , CBD sloth reviewed our wine - this is what he had to say:


Being sent wine through the post, this felt more like a bribe than a review! How can anyone say no to a cheeky tipple?

So we lined up our five cans and we waited for a Friday to come around for myself and my girlfriend to test the full range of Rebel Wines out.

As the world begins to open back up, I’d keep an eye out for these at festivals and outdoor events across the UK.

What Wines Do They Have In Their Range?

There are five different options to pick from, highlighted below:

  • Merlot
  • Rose
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Skinny Rose Wine Spritzer
  • Skinny White Wine Spritzer

All of these options are served in a 200ml can alongside organic hemp grown in Colorado.

The Food Standards Agency recommends not consuming more than 70mg of CBD in a 24 hour period, while each can contains 10mg of CBD, therefore you should have a maximum of 7 cans (well, unless that leaves you a bit too tipsy).

Considering I’ve done a number of journeys into London where we might grab a few cans for the train before meeting people, whether that’s a bottle of Blue Moon or some intriguing cocktail cans from M&S, this is certainly a drink that could shake up the ‘on the move’ drink industry.

One incredibly important factor I want to highlight was that the presence of hemp didn’t alter the flavour. Some CBD based drinks can sometimes be overpowered by the presence of the cannabis terpenes, whereas this wasn’t the case with Rebel Wines.

The water soluble hemp also contained a presence of CBG, CBN and CBC, with no traceable detection of THC, making this a broad spectrum product.


The soft and fruity red wine contained 85% Merlot grapes, along with 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, sourced from South Africa.

The Merlot had 13% alcohol volume, so it’s definitely at the top end, meaning a good couple of these could have me leaning on my chair.

I broke the golden red-wine rule and put it in the fridge, because I can’t understand why people like it warm / room temperature. You know what, I’m glad I did, I definitely prefer it cooled.


I loved the rose, it had a great fruity taste and felt really refreshing. I could definitely get myself a few more rose’s following this.

They recommend having it alongside a cheeky fish finger sandwich and the child in me couldn’t agree more (I may have done that later in the night).

Sauvignon Blanc

This was arguably Raquel’s favourite (my other half), which makes sense as she’s a fan of Sauvignon Blanc in general.

12.5% alcoholic volume, the alcohol was certainly flowing by this point. It tasted great, but my favourite was certainly still the rose.

Skinny Rose Wine Spritzer

The spritzer drinks are slightly cheaper, while the alcohol levels are also lower, being 6% in the rose spritzer.

100ml (50%) is sparkling water, so this is a fantastic option for those who are watching their weight, being 73 calories per can. This meant a miniscule 36.5 calories for me and Raquel as we were halving them.

Skinny White Wine Spritzer

The last can on the list and it’s another spritzer, meaning you can expect sparkling water to make up half the formula.

This is the lowest calorie option of the range, being 69 calories for the full 200ml can. Just like the skinny rose, this is also priced lower at £3.65.

Where Can I Order These From?

You can purchase the Rebel Wines from their website, with the wine cans available for £4.25 and the spritzer alternatives for £3.65.

There is no minimum order, but if you spend over £65 then you will benefit from free delivery within Britain.


Tom Bourlet 

Aug 2021

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