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The environment is at the heart of everything we do.


The wines come from the Vondeling Estate located in Voor Paardeberg in South Africa.

Vondeling have been accredited with many awards and recognition for the work they have carried out in sustainability practices and are a proud sponsor of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative.

Vondeling continues its commitment to conservation for its unique biodiversity under the banner of the WWF as “Conservation Champions.”

Vondeling is a proud Gold Business Supporter of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa.

Over 160 solar panels have been installed which will provide Vondeling with 80,200 kWh on average annually. This means that the main wine cellar, bottle store, tasting room/wedding venue, chapel and all staff accommodation will be self-sufficient.  Vondeling are committed to reducing their carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible.

The wines are all Vegan and are made using minimal intervention and maximum sustainability.



Our CBD is sourced from organically grown Hemp in Colorado, one of the premium regions for growing Hemp in the world.

It is 100% natural and contains a number of other terpenes and Cannabidiols from the Hemp plant. 



There are many advantages to using canned wine over selling it in bottles.


Cans are ideal for travel, picnics, festivals, events and single serve requirements.

They are small, light, user friendly, convenient and easily disposed of.  They can be chilled quickly and easily to provide the perfect temperature for each wine.

Taste Benefits

Wine will taste exactly the same as in a bottle, due to a specialist lining inside the can.  This removes any possible “Tin taint” as well as preserving the wine in optimum conditions. The CBD infusion has no effect on the taste or smell of the wine.  Its only effect is to make the wine slightly cloudy. 


Cans are 100% recyclable.  Approximately 70% of our cans are made from recycled cans and they can be recycled again and again.

Cans have a very low carbon footprint, due to their low weight compared to glass.