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Our Story

The Rebel Story really began in Zimbabwe in the early 90’s, when demand for anything even resembling wine far exceeded supply. Rupert, Chief Rebel, worked out there as a commercial pilot in those days, so bringing in a steady supply of delicious South African wine was pretty straight forward.  Sales were so good, that, on return to these shores in 2005, a wine business was the only sensible option. Southern Wines was born then, specialising in our favourite South African wine, which continues to flourish today.  Rebel Wine, founded in 2017, is the latest addition to the portfolio, concentrating on slightly different products, which may not always appeal to mainstream winos.  After all, as we say in these parts “If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun!”  So let’s have some fun.

Meet the Rebels

Rupert St Aubyn

Rupert, Chief Rebel, has had a few problems over the years, which gave him plenty of time to contemplate both pain and pleasure.  Fine wine was always high on his list and then he discovered CBD, which further soothed uncomfortable experiences.  CBD in its oil form can be bitter and slightly unpleasant, so after two years of experimentation we have finally found the perfect combination, wine infused with CBD.  We are now happier than ever in the Rebel lair.

Amanda Taylor

On stage and off , our PR rebel Amanda is known for her love of glitter, bright colours, festivals,  Christmas,  gin and wine. A strong advocate for CBD and a wine lover, she is in her natural habitat!  

She will be getting out and about , popping up with her Rebel stand to introduce you to this fabulous new drink…



EJ Kim

EJ is behind most of our orders, ensuring they are sent as soon as possible and she will stop at nothing to ensure the customer gets their delivery ( I'd be scared if I was the delivery driver too!) ...With a love of K-POP , particularly BTS.  EJ talks warmly of Korea  and has travelled extensively , meeting her husband in Australia before making  her home in Hampshire. 

EJ enjoys the countryside, her family life and of course wine!