If You Follow All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun


Q: Is the Wine Vegan

A: Yes the wine is Vegan. We’ve always wanted to adopt a more natural approach in everything we do, so we’re proud to say that our CBD-infused wines are 100% vegan. Our refining process has been carefully developed using zero animal products.


Q: Is the wine good?

A: Yes.  All the wine used in this product is award winning South African Wine from Vondeling.

Q: Why a can?

A: fastest growing sector of the US/UK wine market (+125% in 2019 UK). 100% recyclable and very low footprint. Great for outdoor activity/concerts/picnics.


Q: Is there a lining in the can? 

A: Epoxy resin.



Q: Will you have a spritzer?

A: Probably in 2021


Q: Will it freeze in the freezer?

A: Yes. We recommend that it be chilled in the refrigerator not the freezer.


Q: Do you suggest a glass?

A: Designed to be consumed from the can, but nice mixed with ice in a glass.


Q: Why this high price compared to others?

A: Top quality wine, plus the addition of CBD adds both value and cost.  However, there are plenty of pure wine products which are more expensive.


Q: Can I have my own personalised label for a Party if I buy in quantity?

A: Probably in 2021


Q: What is the shelf life of the Can:

A: Alcohol etc……18 months to 2 years.


Q: Where can I buy it?

A: online through www.rebelwine.co.uk plus other outlets, which will be updated regularly.


Q: Do you have a certificate to say that it’s legal?

A: No certificate exists.  We do have the laboratory analysis of both the wine and the Hemp/CBD.



Q: Any product tests? Taste/Design/Concept.

A: We have extensively tested a range of different CBD products, with the Empirical Labs coming out on top.