If You Follow All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun


Q: Is the Wine Vegan

A: Yes the wine is Vegan. We’ve always wanted to adopt a more natural approach in everything we do, so we’re proud to say that our CBD-infused wines are 100% vegan. Our refining process has been carefully developed using zero animal products.


Q: Is the wine good?

A: Yes.  All the wine used in this product is award winning South African Wine from Vondeling.


Q: Why a can?

A: fastest growing sector of the US/UK wine market (+125% in 2019 UK). 100% recyclable and very low footprint. Great for outdoor activity/concerts/picnics.


Q: Is there a lining in the can? 

A: The cans are lined with Epoxy resin. This removes any possible tin taint and preserves the wine in optimum condition.


Q: Will it freeze in the freezer?

A: Yes. We recommend that it be chilled in the refrigerator not the freezer.


Q: Do you suggest a glass?

A: Designed to be consumed from the can, but  its also delicious mixed with ice in a glass.


Q: Why this high price compared to others?

A: Top quality wine, plus the addition of CBD adds both value and cost.  However, there are plenty of pure wine products which are more expensive.


Q: What is the shelf life of the Can:

A: Alcohol etc  2+ years.


Q: Where can I buy it?

A: online through www.rebelwine.co.uk plus other outlets, which will be updated regularly.


Q: Do you have a certificate to say that it’s legal?

A: We are now listed on the  FSA register of CBD products linked to Novel food applications: Ref RP438 in association with the EIHA.  Only CBD products on this list can be legally sold in the UK. This is part of the government programme to regulate CBD and ensure all CBD products conform to government guidelines and are safe for human consumption.