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Festival chats about CBD

Rupert St Aubyn

Posted on September 03 2021

Festival chats about CBD

Team Rebel have just come back from our last festival for the season and whilst we are celebrating with a 15% discount on all our products, we are also reflecting on the conversations we had in the last few weeks. We were pleasantly surprised!  We know the CBD movement is gathering momentum. We also know that CBD is good for you. What we didn’t know when we set out for our first event was that in general people are CBD aware and intrigued by its beneficial properties.

Some of our conversations have been with people taking CBD to manage conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis. One conversation was immediately followed by another with an NHS nurse who recognised the benefits,  can’t openly recommend it, but was delighted to see us having frank and open discussions about the benefits of CBD. 

Other conversations were with those who want to try it, but perhaps feel a little too shy to ask, or those who think they will become addicted, which of course you won’t. We are thrilled to have those conversations, to reassure, affirm and gather more CBD followers.

We had chats  with serving armed forces personnel, a tube driver working for TFL (who have a zero tolerance on CBD products) and police officers who are all aware of the benefits but unsure how this will translate when regular drug testing is carried out. Will it appear or not?  We know that CBD is legal, but could you lose your job if you take it as part of a holistic lifestyle choice rather than conventional medicines? This of course will be down to each individual employer, we can’t comment and this topic certainly needs more in-depth work.

Then there are those who enjoy a glass of wine and are curious about the CBD element and how this affects the wine taste – It doesn’t in any way. Why CBD in Wine?  Our wine is delicious, CBD is bitter and earthy!

In summary, CBD chat is great and it’s clear that we need more to support the growth of the industry, to remove the myths and reassure the public. CBD will become a more standard solution to everyday aches and pains for longer sustained periods of time. It’s a natural product used for 1000’s of years and usage is gathering pace, the public are curious – let’s all continue those chats, stay informed to be informative!

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