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Can CBD Aid your golf swing and game on the green?

Amanda Taylor

Posted on June 10 2021

Can CBD Aid your golf swing and game on the green?

CBD For Golfers: Can It Improve Your Game On The Green?

Over the last year, several golf pros have come forward talking about CBD oil and the impact it’s having on their game. Many are signing the praises of CBD for golfers, and joining the movement to raise awareness for this celebrated natural compound.

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its banned substance list in 2018, the PGA Tour Anti-Doping organization does not list CBD as a prohibited substance for players. And so, many golfers who’ve used it in the past, and continue to use it now, have been vocal in talking about why.

But what is it about CBD for golfers that’s got these green-goes so pumped? Can it improve your own game?

CBD For Golfers

No, there isn’t some specific CBD for golfers. It’s just regular CBD. But it’s sweeping the golf world by storm!

As mentioned, many well known golf pros are using it, including:

  • Bubba Watson
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Scott McCarron
  • Scott Piercy
  • Lucas Glover

And of course, those are just a few of the big names.

But those big names can be backed up with testimonials from all kinds of regular players out enjoying a Sunday with their pals.

And one of those is my very own father.

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Potential Benefits Of CBD For Your Golf Game

My dad has always been an avid golfer. He started playing in high school and still plays as much as he can. Now, in his mid-60s, as a retiree, golf is his passion. He’s out there as often as possible.

Unfortunately, he’s also always suffered from pain in his knees. He’s had major surgery on both knees – twice – once as a young man, and more recently, in his early and late 50s. The pain has plagued him for many, many years.

When I started in the CBD industry a few years ago, I got him a bottle of CBD oil. Since that time, every month, without fail, he sends me his order for more. And his prime reason? It allows him to golf more.

Firstly, he’s always had trouble sleeping, and with the CBD he finds he’s falling asleep faster and waking up more refreshed. And what golfer doesn’t want that for energy and focus?

Secondly, and far more importantly, he has way less pain. Before CBD, he used to feel it by hole 4 or 5 – and that’s with a cart. Because of this, some morning 9 holes were enough or he’d have trouble walking the next day. Now, he can make it a full 18 without noticing the pain until far later in the day – and he has far less pain the following morning.

Among CBD enthusiasts, these results seem to be typical. Golfers talk about pain reduction, reduced muscle aches and soreness, and great flexibility and movement as a result.

Sure, CBD doesn’t magically eliminate my dad’s pain. He’s not skipping around the golf course like a 19 year old, but he swears that CBD has given him back his swing. And that’s a-ok with me!

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