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Rebel CBD infused wine launches the ‘Skinny in a tinny’

Rupert St Aubyn

Posted on July 08 2021

Rebel CBD infused  wine launches the ‘Skinny in a tinny’

New from Rebel Wine and just in time for summer, we are proud to introduce Skinny RebelWhite wine and Rosé spritzers, also in 200ml cans, also infused with 10mg of organic Hemp. With an ABV of 5.5% and 6% respectively and just 69 and 73 calories respectively. It’s double the fun with half the calories!

Rebel MD, Rupert St Aubyn commented: ‘CBD is a natural substance extracted from hemp plants, a close cousin of the Cannabis plant.  Humans have used CBD for its relaxing qualities for thousands of years.  From the Empires of China and the Far East, to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was used for its healing and pain relief qualities.  The modern consumer is increasingly looking for natural, safe remedies for modern problems; stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain etc.  CBD continues to provide the answer’

Wine with CBD?

‘CBD tastes horrible; wine is delicious.  Combine the two for all the benefits of both, including a fantastic flavour - perfect!  We use award winning South African and French wines in our cans, so quality and flavour are guaranteed’

 Why Cans?

‘Cans are the most efficient container currently available.  Light, recyclable, low carbon and very convenient, our cans are the perfect size for travel, picnics, festivals and outdoor events or a quiet glass on your own. No wastage and easily chilled. They also make fabulous gifts.’


Skinny Rebel is perfect for Summer, especially now that we are all finally allowed out. This light, refreshing drink will be available at key events throughout the Summer, including: Gatcombe Park Food and Drink Festival, CarFest South, Wellnergy, Wilderness, and Soul Circus festivals.  Check our events page for updates on where we will be.

You can buy directly from our website, or from one of our stockists listed on the website.

If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun! 

Rebel wine is the UK’s first and original CBD infused wine. Using quality award winning wine from South Africa and France, each can provides the perfect single serve of wine infused with high quality organic Hemp in broad spectrum format. This leaves 10mg of CBD per 200ml can. The wine is in 5 varieties: Red, White, Rosé plus brand new White and Rosé Spritzers. All cans feature individual ‘Vargas’ style images for each flavor,  which creates an attractive feature on any shelf with our lenticular wobble strips. Lightweight, fully recyclable cans that are perfect for festivals, picnics and parties and gifts. Our wine is 100% Vegan. Launching at the end of 2020, Rebel Wine have already received their first award: Bronze in the Canex 2020 Awards in the Best CBD Beverages category.  Samples available on request.  Visit our website for more information: WWW.rebelwine.co.uk

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