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Our favourite Sauvignon Blanc food pairings

Shannon Dumper

Posted on January 11 2021

Our favourite Sauvignon Blanc food pairings

Crisp, aromatic and bursting with freshness, sauvignon blanc is a favourite here at Rebel Wine. Though perfect to enjoy all year round, we can’t help but look forward to dining alfresco with a crisp CBD-infused can come the warmer months.

If you’re planning a special dinner menu or simply want to know what goes best, stick around while we spill some sauvignon blanc food pairings you’ll be sure to love!

Goats cheese

Goats cheese and sauvignon blanc can only be described as a pairing made in heaven – and with good reason. The zippy acidity of both makes for a fresh and invigorating combination. We particularly love a classic goat cheese salad with a slice of sour dough bread and can of our Rebel Sauvignon Blanc on the side!


It’s pretty common knowledge that white wines can pair excellently with seafood. Some of our favourite combinations with a cool sip of sauvignon include shrimp, crab and lobster which are perfect for balancing out the beautiful flavours.

Fresh veg

Sauvignon blanc walks hand in hand with a variety of both raw and sauteed vegetables. Flavours from greens like brussel sprouts, tomatoes, green beans and courgettes finished with a dash of citrus are always a sure-thing and will be complimented by the natural zing of the wine.


Raw or mildly sauteed garlic is a brilliant pairing for the citrus notes of white wines. Try a light pasta dish with prawns, chilli and a touch of garlic, or go for the classic garlic bread loaded with melted cheese.

Thai food

Bursting with flavour, Thai cuisine typically consists of a complex blend of exotic spices and heat, and it surprisingly pairs well with many different white wines. The hint of sweetness is best paired with milder dishes – think stir fried foods such as pad thai or the medium heat of a red curry.


Pairing the tropical flavours of sauvignon blanc with the sweetness of vanilla makes for a delicious end to a good meal. A favourite amongst the Rebels is the creamy vanilla custard of a classic crème brûlée.

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