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The first naturally infused CBD wine in the UK, in a can

Rupert St Aubyn

Posted on October 30 2020

The first naturally infused CBD wine in the UK, in a can

The first cans of Rebel Wine, infused with 10mg of naturally occurring CBD, have rolled off the production line in the UK.  Available to purchase online at www.rebelwine.co.uk or through selected stockists, these 200ml cans are available in three flavours – a refreshing Rosé, a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc and a smooth Merlot.

Rebel Wine is made with quality, award winning wines from Vondeling Vineyards in South Africa.  The wine is carefully infused with Hemp, containing a small amount of naturally occurring CBD, 10mg to be precise, which ensures a deeply satisfying drinking experience.  The 200ml cans are perfect for autumn picnics, relaxing at home and of course festivals, events and travel when applicable.

Rupert St Aubyn from Rebel Wine said: “We have been working on the concept of wine with CBD since 2017.  Finally, after many hiccups, we are able to launch the first CBD infused wine in the UK, which is incredibly exciting.  We have combined the highest quality Hemp, organically grown in Colorado with our existing award winning wines to make a fabulous wine based drink.”

CBD can be inclusive of a healthy lifestyle and the  infusion of CBD will enhance the whole drinking experience and is a natural way to make CBD more enjoyable.  Any THC is removed from the Hemp shortly after harvest in line with UK regulations.  THC is the active bit of Cannabis which gets you high.  It is still illegal in UK, hence the need to remove it.  So, our products will not get you high or give you any side effects associated with Cannabis.   However, if you are taking prescription pills, are pregnant or breast feeding, the advice is to consult your doctor first or avoid CBD altogether.  Do not exceed 70mg CBD Daily.

The Rebel Story really began in Zimbabwe in the early 90s, when demand for anything even resembling wine far exceeded supply. Rupert worked out there as a commercial pilot in those days, so bringing in a steady supply of delicious South African wine was pretty straight forward.   On return to the UK in 2005 following the effective collapse of Zimbabwe, he started to import his favourite South African wines here.  

Rebel Wine is the latest addition to the portfolio, concentrating on slightly quirkier products.    As we say; “If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun!”  So, let’s have some fun.    ENDS

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