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The future of wine is in a can!

Shannon Dumper

Posted on January 28 2021

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Until recently, popping the top of an ice cold can of wine wasn’t a *thing* in the UK. The industry has long been averse to game-changing introductions, no matter how good they are. Let’s face it, there are still reservations for some about screw caps!

Many misconceptions surrounding the quality and the wrongful connotations of drinking out of a can have led to an element of wine snobbery but, despite this, the rebelution (see what we did there ;)) is picking up pace. The canned wine market across the pond in the US hit $71m in 2019 and we’re looking forward to making even bigger waves here back home.

If you’re not convinced, here are plenty of upsides to drinking wine out of a can that you may want to know.

It’s eco-friendly

The carbon footprint of producing an aluminium can is roughly the same as making a glass bottle – around 1,200-1,300g equivalent of CO2. So far, no difference, right? But aluminium cans are by far the winner when it comes to recycling. In the UK, 76% of aluminium cans are recycled, compared to only 50% of glass, and require just 5% of the energy it takes to produce a new one. It’s also much easier and more sustainable to pack cans, saving energy and materials on external packaging and logistics.

It’s convenient

Cans are less breakable, easier to transport and easier to open than their glass bottle counterparts. Without the need to uncork, prepare a wine bucket or even grab some glasses, you’ll be able to serve canned wine anywhere, any when. Think warm summer picnics in the countryside or by the beach, or even a winter bonfire night.

On top of this, wine chills much faster in a can, keeps the liquid fresh and conveniently stacks – come on, we all love a neat and tidy fridge!

It’s great quality

While we can’t speak for all suppliers, here at Rebel we use only the highest calibre wines from the Vondeling Estate in South Africa. The estate is renowned for its quality and has long been a supplier to our sister company, Southern Wines.

Aside from this, cans are free of TCA (the compound responsible for cork taint) and will prevent the wine from spoiling when exposed to light.

The industry, while it may not realise it, has long been calling out for the innovative and laid-back style of wine in a can. It’s a way to enjoy a practical, top quality product that leaves a much smaller footprint on the environment. What’s not to love? Order a can today to test it for yourself!

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